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Yellow Diamonds

yellow diamonds

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Natural Yellow Diamonds are becoming more and more popular every year. In actual fact the yellow diamond is the first fancy colour diamond that captured the market after the traditional and classic white diamond. Most of the yellow diamonds come from South Africa.

The color of yellow diamonds can vary from Light Yellow up to Vivid Yellow which is the highest intensity grade. There are also yellow diamonds that are known as Canary Yellow that cover Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds; however none of the gemological laboratories (GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL) work with this color definition.

Intensity is the main factor that influences the price range.

Common Color Variations:

Light Yellow (W-X, Y-Z), Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Dark Yellow, Fancy Deep Yellow, Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow, Fancy Dark Brownish Yellow, Fancy Dark Brown Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Intense Greenish Yellow, Fancy Intense Green Yellow, Fancy Vivid Yellow.


Famous People Who Wore Natural Yellow Diamonds

Whoopi Goldberg wore a $5 million canary yellow diamond pendant that weighed 80 carats at the Academy Awards.

Julianne Moore wore a 7.52 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond.

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