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Orange diamond Ring with fancy color diamond

Center stone - Radiant 5.02 ct. Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow, GIA

Diamond ring with pink and blue diamonds

Center stone Pear 4.06 ct. Fancy Intense Orangy Pink, GIA

Pear shaped diamond earrings

Earrrings with Fancy color diamonds, GIA

Ring with Fancy Yellow diamond  2.05 ct

Center stone - Oval 2.05 ct. Fancy Vivid Yellow/SI1, GIA

Diamond ring with an orange diamond

Center stone - Cush 4.00 ct. Fancy Intense Orangy Pink/SI2, GIA,

Fancy Colored Diamonds

  • Certified natural fancy colors (vivid pink, purplish pink, intense green, fancy red, fancy purplish red, intense yellow, vivid yellow, etc.).
  • Wide variety of fancy shapes and round diamonds – grading reports (GIA, HRD, EGL).
  • Manufacturers of fancy coloured diamonds sourced directly from legitimate suppliers of fancy color rough diamond (Kimberley Process Certificates).
  • Polished diamonds for private collectors, jewelry designers, and luxury retail jewelers.