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Cognac Diamonds

Cognac Diamonds are actually Brown Diamonds and have become very popular in recent years. The darker brown diamonds are known as Fancy Cognac Diamonds.

Where are Cognac Diamonds Found?

Half of the Cognac Diamonds are produced in the Argyle Mine in South Africa.

How Do the Diamonds Gain The Brown Color?

The brown color is generally the result of lattice misalignments within the crystal structure of the diamond, however, sometimes hydrogen and nitrogen can cause the diamond to gain a brownish hue.

How to Use Cognac Diamonds in Jewelry?

These diamonds look the best when set in lighter shades of metal. The contrast of the light metal and the brown color looks spectacular. Brown diamonds cut in marquise or pear shape will help emphasize the diamond color.

Which Celebrities Have Worn Cognac Diamond Jewelry?

An oval-shaped white and cognac diamond brooch was worn by Helen Mirren who won the Best Actress Oscar for her film in 2006.

A 20-carat cognac diamonds ring was worn by Cameron Diaz at the 2004 Acedemy Awards.

A pair of 20-carat hand-set champagne and diamond earrings was worn by Kathleen "Bird” York when she celebrated her first Oscar nomination.

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