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From Jewellery News Asia (JNA), English (Chinese) edition, June 2008, devoted to the fancy color diamonds, from the article - Rare colours: the most sought after diamonds.
Seren Diamond advertises in a number of trade, consumer & fashion magazines:

Red diamond is rated most unique and exclusive among the diamond dealers. "Red diamond is extremely rare and expensive, particularly those in Si1 to Vs clarities, as most red stones are pique. It's hard to extract red diamond from an Argyle mine in Australia, therefore a 1-carat fancy red or fancy purplish red diamond GIA can sell for more than US$ 1 million per carat, which makes red diamonds an ideal choice for both sophisticated collectors and those looking for a good investment. In the coming years, prices for red diamonds are expected to double," said Oren Seren, managing director of Seren Diamond Ltd.

Also highlighted at the Geneva sale was a pair of fancy green and yellow diamond ear-pendants. According to Christie's Geneva, green is one of the rarest colours that can occur in diamonds. Less than five diamonds graded fancy green saturation or higher have been sold at the auction in the last five years.

Mr. Seren has a similar sentiment. "Fancy vivid green and fancy intense green are particularly rare. This value has been considerable growth over recent years, fuelled by their uniqueness and the increasing awareness of fancy-coloured diamonds," he said …….

General manager of Rio Tinto's Argyle Pink Diamonds business, commentered: "Their pedigree as the rarest gems and their increasing scarcity, as the Argyle mine, the world's only reliable source of pink diamonds, which is likely to be exhausted within a decade, makes Argyle pink diamond a compelling investment option."

From Jewellery News Asia, Show Daily edition, Sept. 19, 2008

"Seren Diamond will introduce it's e-commerce website at the show, which will enable customers to find complete updated information of the stones available, purchase them online as well as place an order if the required stone isn't found an the site."

"In an effort to improve our service, we've been trying to put as much information online as possible, to make it as friendly as possible to our customers. Our online inventory includes both copies of the certificates and images of the stones which is extremely important with reference to the fancy color diamonds", said Oren Seren.

However, since conducting business online lacks the "personal contact", they regard the Hong Kong show as an important platform to initiate new relations and maintain the existing ones. "This year, we'll be presenting an exclusive collection of the natural colours that will include such rare colours as fancy vivid pink, fancy deep blue, fancy intense green; and of course, our fancy red and fancy purplish red diamonds", Mr. Oren added.

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In 2008, Seren Diamond sponsored “Fashion Event” in the Sheraton City Tower Hotel, in the diamond district in Ramat Gan, Israel with the Israeli fashion industry. During the fashion show, models wore jewelry set with fancy color diamonds!