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Seren Diamond Ltd. is a family business headquartered in Ramat Gan at the Israel Diamond Exchange in the Yahalom Building.

Five brothers following in their father’s footsteps

Menahem Seren, started in diamonds more than 40 years ago as a diamond cutter and polisher. When his sons decided to join him in the business, they opened an office in 1993.

Oren Seren is a member of the rough diamond bourse, Antwerpsche Diamantkring (Antwerp, Belgium), an exchange with an active trading floor that attracts rough diamond manufacturers, traders, dealers, and buyers from around the world.

He is also a member in the polished & rough diamond bourse, Israel Diamond Exchange (Ramat Gan, Israel). which is at the center of the Israeli diamond industry and trade.

“My membership in these 2 respected and well structured organizations ensures that natural fancy business transactions throughout the supplier pipeline and the value supply chain, itself, are honored in the most professional way.”

Oren has also received the right and the privilege to display the WFDBmark, a Sign of Confidence, on this internet site. His WFDBmark,  [WFDB Mark Number: ADK 1836, Oren Seren] is a trademarked logo, which approved members of World Federation of Diamond.

Bourse-affiliated diamond exchanges are able to display to clients and suppliers, to confirm that they abide by the World Federation Code of Principles. A bourse member is able to display the WFDB Mark as long as he or she is in good standing.

Diamonds - Online and Off

E-commerce and the internet constitute a necessary step in the development of the e-trade policy of our company, but personal contact is still suggested as this is the foundation of all  important commercial relations especially with reference to the fancy color side of the business.

We welcome diamond buyers to visit one of our offices, or meet us at a tradeshow, or set up a time for us to travel and meet you in your design studio or your jewelry store.

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Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

"At the beginning, our business was mainly traditional white goods; but, in a short time, the decision was made to move into the exciting niche business of natural fancy colors which gradually took preference over the white goods."

"From the time that I started in the business, I have been fascinated by the beauty and uniqueness of the different colours of natural fancy color diamonds; and, I must admit that I may be even more devoted, today, to the challenge of finding the best rough and polished for my clients” admits Oren about his choice of this chosen niche in the diamond business.

“We especially appreciate the fact that we have come to be known for our experience and expertise in all natural fancy colored diamonds.” 
Diamond Shapes & Colors

Each rough diamond is different and determines the shape and the natural color of the polished.

All our rough diamonds are sourced from mines in Australia (Argyle), South Africa, and Brazil.

All diamonds are conflict-free and come from a legitimate source in accordance with the UN resolution and the Kimberley Process Certificate System.

Our manufacturing capacity covers a wide shape range, both in new and traditional fancy shapes as well as traditional rounds:

  •  Radiant 
  •  Cushion 
  •  Emerald
  •  Square Emerald 
  •  Assher
  •  Princess 
  •  Oval 
  •  Marquise 
  •  Briolette 
  •  Round  

At Seren, we like having a serious collection and an interesting variety of the rarest pieces of the most exotic colors and sizes which can be seen in our offices or online at www.serendiamonds.com

Jewelry Designs

Our company’s jewelry designers enjoy working with our customers in creating new jewelry designs and exclusive jewellery for their own
businesses (or for private collections) including engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and necklaces.

Seren Diamond is known for providing consistent personalized customer service all over the world (Far East, Hong Kong, Europe and USA) at all levels including size and color assortments both in layouts and in larger certified (GIA-Gemological Institute of America, HRD, EGL) stones up to finished jewelry.

VIEW OUR CATALOGUE which we update regularly with new designs! 

For custom-made design jewelry and for any other information please contact marina@serendiamonds.com