Due to the rarity of some natural fancy color diamonds (in nature and on the market), some of our fabulous diamonds are not available online however information is available upon request. We prefer to keep these special diamonds that are often bought for investment on the side for those of you who collect diamonds (just like those people who put together art collections).

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Why Invest in Diamonds

Unique diamonds have always acted as both a status indication and an investment asset; however, since the global financial markets turmoil commenced last year we have seen an increased interest in special diamonds as a true alternative investment asset. This is not surprising since the price of these diamonds are not highly correlated to other traditional investment assets such as stocks and bonds, and their price volatility is considerably lower than most other investment assets.

Why Buy Diamonds for Investment from Seren Diamonds

Due to their scarcity and desirability the prices of natural fancy color diamonds have faired very well over the last year and industry analysts expect this to continue into the future. We at Seren are very aware of the investment attributes of these special diamonds and keep our finger on the pulse of the world’s diamond dealer trading markets to continually track price movements and to control our manufacturing accordingly! With over 20 years of experience we are experts in our field.

A Guarantee from Seren Diamonds

From our experience as diamond experts and cutters of some of the most exceptional diamonds for over 20 years, we guarantee that during the current economic situation there cannot be a better investment than investing in fancy color diamonds. By tracing the history of fancy color diamonds it is possible to discover a continuously growing monetary value. And now, more than ever, we feel the growing demand for the most exclusive diamond pieces!

Which are the Most Popular Fancy Diamonds Bought for Investment?

The most popular diamonds for investment are Blue, Green, Pink and especially Red which is definitely one of Seren Diamond’s favourites!

Some Unique Facts about Fancy Color Diamonds:

- 1% of the world diamond production is in fancy color diamonds!
- fancy color diamonds come from diffent world mines, however every mine has it’s so called “specialization”.

Pink and Red diamonds

Pink and red diamonds are mainly known to come from the Argyle mine in Austrtalia. The Argyle diamond mine is the largest diamond mine located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. It is the only known significant source of pink diamonds, producing 90 to 95% of the world’s supply.

Most of the Argyle diamonds are put to tender every year.

In the 2007-2008 fiscal year there was a decline in diamond production, which stood at 16.5 million carats as compared to 24.5 million carats during 2006-2007. The Argyle open pit diamond mine is approaching the end of its life span, which affects production. The company is currently considering a transition to underground mining. Production at Ellendale is also on the decline, and the company is currently testing and excavating in nearby areas in the search for additional deposits.

In 2006, the Arygle Australian fancy color diamond tender included 63 diamonds with its total diamond production around 30 million carat. There was only 1 GIA-graded red diamond – 0.54 ct. Fancy Purplish Red, I1 clarity.

The red diamond is the rarest among other fancy color diamonds; it is so rare that only a few stones are mined each year. Most of these rare diamonds, produced by the Argyle mine, are not pure red colors but rather graded as fancy-brownish-red, vivid-purplish-pink and a few other varieties of hues. It is also a well known fact that most of red diamonds are pique.

Facts that Prove that there is a Current Growing Demand for Pink and Red Diamonds

- The most famous Brazilian red diamond is 0.95 ct. Fancy Purplish Red was purchased by a collector in 1956 for $ 13,500. This stone made worldwide news when it was sold at Christies in 1987 for $ 880,000 or more than $ 926,000 per carat.

- In December, a 1.92 ct, Fancy Red/VS2 was sold at a Phillips auction for $ 1,652,500 total or $ 860,677 per carat.

- A 1.00 ct. red stone that was presented last year at the Millionaire show in Moscow and was sold for 2 mln. EURO.

According to predictions these diamonds will become even more rare and as a result their prices are expected to double in the next 3-4 years.

It is possible to trace the destiny of red diamonds over the years and to discover that these diamonds have always been chased by the most refined collectors despite the continual dramatic price increase!

All these reasons make red diamonds the most exotic, expensive and of course desired diamond our of all the fancy diamond colors!

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By purchasing a Fancy Color Diamond today, not only will you posses a real nature wonder but in addition to this you will have made an excellent investment!

View our stock and choose your fancy color diamond for your investment today!

Latest industry news:
Vivid Pink to Headline Christie’s Hong Kong Jewel Auction

A five-carat vivid pink diamond will go to auction at the Christie’s jewels sale to be held in Hong Kong on December 1. The cushion cut diamond has potentially flawless clarity; however it is the vivid pink color which is near perfect which is the distinguishing feature of this diamond. The sale price is expected to fetch between $5-$7 million which is near world record auction price for pink diamonds. The current world auction price for a pink diamond is $7.4 million for a 19.66 carat pink diamond sold in Geneva in 1994.

Christies to auction the Annenberg Diamond

The "Annenberg Diamond" will be the leading item at Christie’s upcoming jewelry auction in New York on October 21. The diamond is a 32.01 carat square emerald cut diamond of D color and flawless clarity. Valued between $3-5 million, the diamond is currently mounted as a ring and flanked by two pear shaped diamonds weighing 1.50 and 1.61 carats respectively. The diamond belonged to the late Leonore “Lee” Annenberg the former U.S. chief of protocol during the Reagan administration. Together with her husband, The Honorable Walter H. Annenberg, the Annenberg’s were passionate philanthropists and diplomats. Industry analysts expect the strong prices for special diamonds and jewels to continue during the second half of 2009.

Blue Diamonds:

Rio Tinto tendered a collection of rare blue Argyle diamonds, appropriately named “Once in a Blue Moon." This tender lasted one month, from March 3 through April 8, 2009. The closed tender was showcased in Perth, Honk Kong and Tokyo.

In the press release, Josephine Archer, Sales and Marketing Manager for Argyle Pink Diamonds, said, “We are excited to showcase our first ever collection of precious blue and violet Argyle diamonds, sourced from several years of production at the mine. It is an enchanting collection that will appeal to connoisseurs and collectors alike”.

In 2008, Argyle ceased its open pit mining and moved underground. Annual production of the underground mine from 2007-2018 is expected to be around 60 percent of the mine’s former annual average, and productivity is expected to continue for about 10 years.

Christie’s Jewelry Auctions Yields $11.4 million

Christie’s “New York Jewels” auction held on June 11 sold 167 lots for a total value of $11,367,875. The most expensive lot sold was a pear-shaped fancy intense blue, internally flawless diamond of 6.29cts which sold for $3,554,500, or $565,000 per carat. Other large lots sold included a modified rectangular-cut fancy yellow, SI1 diamond of 46.72 ct. for $602,500, or $12,900 per carat and a pear-shaped F color, internally flawless diamond of 10.0 1cts. for $485,500, or $45,800 per carat. Commenting on the auction Christie’s Head of Jewelry Rahul Kadakia noted that “$11.3m changed hands today in a room buzzing with excitement and almost every lot surpassing its estimate. Following our sales in Hong Kong and London, the auction in New York reaffirmed the strength of the jewelry market.