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Brown Diamonds

brown diamonds

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Natural brown diamonds nowadays are also known as Champagne and Cognac (depending on the diamond hue and shadow). It is difficult to believe that these diamonds are so popular and trendy today as natural brown diamonds were at one time dismissed by diamond lovers.

Today, natural brown diamonds  are often favorites of the most famous jewelry designers and have captured their rightful place in the scale of preferences for the fancy color diamonds. Their special color makes them an excellent choice for fine and fashionable jewellery both as center and side stones.

According to recent surveys Champagne & Cognac diamonds are becoming more & more popular among U.S. and European consumers.

Brown diamonds mainly come from mines in Australia, Africa and Siberia.

Color Variations of Natural Fancy Color Brown Diamonds

Light Brown, Fancy Light Brown, Fancy Brown, Fancy Pinkish Brown, Fancy Pink Brown, Fancy Orangy Brown, Fancy Deep Orangy Brown, Fancy Dark Brown, Fancy Deep Brown, Fancy Deep Yellowish Brown, Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown, Fancy Dark Yellow Brown, Fancy Dark Yellowish Greenish Brown.

Famous People Who Wore Brown Diamonds

  • At the Academy Awards, Cameron Diaz wore a 20 carat cognac diamond, Jennifer Love-Hewitt proudly displayed a 7 carat brown diamond ring.

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