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Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are really just a delicious way of describing Cognac, Champagne or Brown diamonds.

So if you are looking for a Chocolate colored diamond search our inventory for brown, champagne or cognac diamonds as they are the exact same thing.

If you would prefer that your brown diamond has a little more sparkle then choose a cognac colored diamond but any of these diamonds in the right setting will look good enough to eat !

Color Variations of Natural Fancy Color Brown Diamonds

Light Brown, Fancy Light Brown, Fancy Brown, Fancy Pinkish Brown, Fancy Pink Brown, Fancy Orangy Brown, Fancy Deep Orangy Brown, Fancy Dark Brown, Fancy Deep Brown, Fancy Deep Yellowish Brown, Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown, Fancy Dark Yellow Brown, Fancy Dark Yellowish Greenish Brown.

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SEREN DIAMOND deals with NATURAL COLORS only and we are taking full responsibility and fully guarantee that the COLOR ORIGIN of all our diamonds is NATURAL! Learn about color origin.