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Red Diamonds

red diamonds

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Red diamonds are the rarest and most exotic diamonds which means they are also the most expensive and naturally the most desired.

A red diamond is so rare that there are jewellers and diamantaries that have rarely seen a red diamond, though everyone is aware of this diamond's uniqueness and its value.

According to predictions red diamonds will become even more rare and as a result their price is expected to double in the next 3-4 years.

Cutting and polishing of red diamonds requires the highest professional skills and experience.

Oren Seren is a manufacturer of natural red diamonds and can boast his exclusive collection of Red Diamonds (Fancy Red and Fancy Purplish Red). Red diamonds are distinctive in that most red diamonds are pique stones meaning that if the diamond is clean (VS-SI), it becomes even more valuable.

Tracing the destiny of red diamonds throughout the years it is possible to discover that these diamonds have been always chased by the most refined collectors inspite of the dramatic price increase. They have definitely always proven themselves to be an excellent investment.

Due to the rarity of natural fancy color red diamonds (in nature and on the market), some of our fabulous diamonds are not viewable online, however, information is available upon request. We prefer to keep these special diamonds on the side for those of you who collect diamonds (just like those people who put together art collections).

A few facts about the history of red diamond:

In 2006, Arygle Australian fancy coloured diamond tender included 63 diamonds with its total diamond production around 30 million carats. There was only 1 GIA-graded red diamond – 0.54 carat Fancy Purplish Red, I1 clarity. Red diamonds can be also discovered in Brazil and Africa.

SEREN DIAMOND deals with NATURAL COLORS only and we are taking full responsibility and fully guarantee that the COLOR ORIGIN of all our diamonds is NATURAL!. Learn about color origin