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Gray Diamonds

Our gray diamonds online

Natural grey diamonds are rather popular due to their relatively low price and strong color.

Gray as a dominant primary color is very unique as it usually comes in combination with blue or green, sometimes, although rarer, with brown, yellow or pink. Grey diamonds will look different if viewed in the daylight or artificial light. Their lightness extends from very light (smoke) gray, through dark (graphite) grey colors.

Grey is a neutral colour containing little or no saturation.

Natural gray diamonds mainly come from Australia, South Africa, India, Russia and Brazil.

Enhanced gray colors are rarely made due to easy availability of natural gray diamonds.

As with other fancy color diamonds, gray diamonds are polished and cut into different shapes, such as Round, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Heart, Princess shape, etc. depending on the shape and size of the natural rough diamond.

Here are the most popular color variations:

Light Grey, Fancy Light Grey, Fancy Grey, Fancy Dark Grey, Fancy Blue Grey, Fancy Bluish Grey, Fancy Green Grey, Fancy Greenish Grey, Fancy Dark Violetish Grey, Fancy Purplish Grey, Fancy Greenish Yellowish Grey, Fancy Greenish Yellow Grey.


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