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Earrings have been adorned by many cultures throughout the ages. Earrings in the shape of flowers and shells were found in Greece as far back as 300 BC. Over the years, earrings made of gold, enamel and various colored stones have been successfully replaced by fancy color diamonds, so nowdays it is possible to find diamond earrings with the traditional white diamond and many different fancy color diamond colors.

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Pear shaped diamond earrings

Earrrings with Fancy color diamonds, GIA

Earrings with white diamonds

Earrings with white diamonds

While earrings have been traditionally worn by women in western cultures, there is a growing trend in the recent years for unisex earrings, such as diamond studs.

Earrings entered the US market at the beginning of the 19th century. However, they only started capturing the market in the late 70s, together with the opening of fine jewelry stores and began to rise in popularity in the 80s.

In today's jewelry market, diamond earrings have seized a prominent place! Today's diamond market offers a wide variety of the earring designs, starting from simple diamond studs up to the most sophisticated of designs.

Seren Diamond has a variety of diamond earrings, including white and fancy color diamonds that can meet the most exquisite taste and imagination, if however, you want to be one-of-a-kind, then a custom-made design can be an ideal solution for you.

Choose your favorite fancy colored diamonds from our diamond stock and our jewelry designer will be happy to assist you to create your own custom-design.

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