The Value of Yellow Diamonds

A selection of yellow diamonds

A selection of yellow diamonds

Many yellow diamonds, contrary to common misconception are neither low-grade nor cheap. There are shades of yellow diamonds that are, as a matter of fact, extremely rare, which is what makes them exceptionally valuable and prized. The value of yellow diamonds can be determined by the density of color they hold. The color concentration is based on impurities present in the diamond. This intensity of color relies on the number of nitrogen atoms that replaced carbon atoms at the time the stone was formed.

Paler hued diamonds have lower levels of nitrogen present in them and are generally cheaper than those with a deeper color. They are relatively common and hence less desirable compared to the darker colored stones. Intensely colored yellow diamonds are scarce and therefore generally considered the most precious among this variety of diamonds.

Exclusivity of Yellow Diamonds

The word “rare” takes on a new meaning when it comes to yellow diamonds. It is estimated that only a minuscule percentage of fancy yellow diamonds are actually mined. The ballpark figure of naturally mined yellow diamonds is just one tenth of one percent of all the diamonds mined. This just goes to show how truly unique and unusual these diamonds really are.

Price variations in yellow diamonds

As is with any diamond the price of vivid yellow fancy diamonds is calculated based on the size, color tint, cut and clarity of the stone. Based on the above mentioned parameters the price could vary between a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousand dollars per carat.

The popularity of a particular shade of yellow diamond is another factor that can be the deciding factor for the pricing. The price of canary yellow fancy diamonds for instance shot up when Paris Hilton exhibited the engagement ring given to her by her beau.

Increasing Popularity of Yellow Diamonds

When a new fashion trend sets in the rich and famous join the bandwagon to make a style statement. The well healed in the society play a significant role in making the yellow diamond as popular as it is today. When they flaunt vivid yellow diamonds it makes news and everyone who can afford them, buys them.

In recent times yellow diamonds have grabbed the attention of many celebrities. Red Sox baseball player Johnny Damon, gave Michelle Mangan a sparkling yellow diamond ring for their engagement. Others who endorse brilliant yellow diamonds are Veronica Varekova, the Czech supermodel, singer and actress Joy Charity Enriquesz and the multifaceted Heidi Klum. Men aren’t far behind either, with ice-hockey player Petr Nedved and song writer Rodney Jenkins sporting pieces of jewelry with yellow diamonds. The spotlight is definitely on radiant fancy yellow diamonds.

History of Yellow Diamonds

The value of yellow diamonds is slowly but surely increasing, but the fascination for yellow diamonds is not something new. At 616 carat the Kimberly Octahedron is the biggest yellow diamond to be ever mined. Tiffany yellow the second largest yellow diamond to be mined is a magnificent stone. Mined in South Africa towards the latter half of the 19th century the 128.54 carat Tiffany yellow was valued a whopping $12million in 1983.

So have we convinced you? Why not check out our yellow diamonds. We have various shades of yellow and you will find something to fit every pocket.

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