The Orloff diamond, 189.62 carat

The weight is just an estimate – it hasn't formally been weighed in many years); slightly bluish green diamond, exceptionally pure 300 Carats was found in India. This celebrated diamond can be seen in Moscow, in the Diamond Treasury of Russia. It was involved in a number of historical events and had made a very long way until it became an item of proud of the Russian museum. Nowadays the Orloff is one of the most prominent diamonds in one of the greatest gem collections, the Treasures of the Diamond Russian Fund, Gokran, that consists of many historical jewels that were amassed by the rulers of Russia before the 1917 Revolution.

Dresden Green, 41 carat diamonds

The biggest ever known apple-green diamond is the 41 carat diamond, known as Dresden Green of the Indian origin. There were no records of this stone until 1743 when Frederick Augustus II of Saxony purchased the diamond at the Leipzig Fair.

It is named after the capital of Saxony, Germany where it has been on display for most of the last two centuries. It was in the Soviet Union after the World War II until 1958 and in the Smithsonian in Washington DC, USA in 2000, where it was displayed in the same room as the Hope diamond.

The stone's unique green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials. This diamond is located in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden “The New Green Vault”.

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