Diamonds become famous for various reasons. Some diamonds are made famous as a famous person wears them, and some are famous due to the price that is paid for them. Whatever the reason there are plenty of very famous diamonds.

We have split our famous diamonds according to their color:

Famous Red Diamonds > > >

Famous Green Diamonds > > >

Famous Blue Diamonds > > >

Famous Pink Diamonds > > >

Famous Yellow Diamonds > > >

Famous Orange Diamonds > > >

Famous Brown Diamonds > > >

Famous Grey Diamonds > > >

Important Note:

When looking for Natural Color Diamonds it is important that the word “NATURAL” appears on the diamond grading report. For more information, please read more about Diamond Certification.

SEREN DIAMOND only deals with NATURAL COLORS and take full responsibility and fully guarantee that the COLOR ORIGIN of all our diamonds is NATURAL. Read more about Color Origin.