A Personal Note from Oren Seren

Cutting and polishing natural fancy color diamonds is an art in itself.

The process requires personal attention, and I have to be very close to the factory which is located within walking distance from my office in the diamond exchange, in order to maintain absolute quality control at every stage of the cutting and polishing of each diamond.

I buy the rough diamonds from suppliers with whom I have been doing business for many years. I have put together an excellent selection of fancy colors (single stones, pairs, lines, and layouts) for private collectors, jewelry stores, and jewelry designers who want the exclusive and the unique, for their special jewelry designs for their clients and who appreciate the absolute luxury of the finest natural fancy colors and expect only the best from their jewelers.

Find us at the 2 top jewelry tradeshows in Las Vegas and Hong Kong.

Natural Fancy Colors

Traditional & Contemporary Shapes


The most popular shapes for fancy colors are the following because of the way that they enhance the natural color of the diamond:

  • Radiant
  • Cushion
  • Emerald & Square Emerald
  • Emerald & Square Emerald

Personalized Customer Service

At Seren Diamond, we place a special emphasis on consistent personal service for all of our customers whether that involves looking for the perfect center stone; designing together a beautiful piece of jewelry (engagement rings or layouts for necklaces); matching colors for a jeweler’s personal designs; or mixing colors for unique layouts like white and pink with yellows.

Custom made designs have become an extremely popular item during the past few years and we will help you design your dream piece of diamond jewelry. We really enjoy the planning and designing of special pieces together with our customers to create unique designs for their branded jewelry collections or exclusive designs for their luxury retail jewelry stores. This cooperation turns out to be beneficial for both sides – the more we work together and understand each other’s preferences, the easier it is to contact you when that “special stone” is cut and polished – or alternatively you can let us know to “keep you in mind” whenever we have something really special to offer.
Please contact: marina@serendiamonds.com for more information.