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Champagne Diamonds

champagne diamonds

Champagne diamonds, also called brown diamonds, are light-brown diamonds with a sparkling brown hue. Their color is due to structural anomalies during the crystal growth. The color range is from light champagne color to a deep rich cognac.

95% of champagne diamonds have been found in the Argyle Mine in Australia, however, the Argyle is low on resources which means that less champagne diamonds are available on the market. As with anything rare this means that this color diamond is increasing in price.

Champagne diamonds were once considered as a cheap diamond and weren't very popular, however, nowadays they have become very trendy nowadays mainly due to the fact that many famous brands launched fine collections of exquisite jewelry using champagne diamonds. During the last decade champagne diamonds have become very popular and in high demand as these diamonds are an ideal choice for those who are looking for something fashionable and not  too expensive.

Below is the Argyle color grading scale for Champagne Diamonds:

C1 - C2 = Light Champagne
C3 - C4 = Medium champagne
C5 - C6 = Dark Champagne
C7 = Fancy Cognac

When buying a champagne diamond it is important to remember that some are more valuable than others. Champagne diamonds should be a light, yellowish brown. If there is a pinkish tint then it is a cinnamon champagne diamond. These pinkish diamonds will be more expensive than the darker cognac champagne diamond.

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