Diamond Rings

A diamond ring has been always a symbol of dedication and love. The best example of this is obviously the engagement ring. This diamond ring has been used by many nations to symbolize a marriage proposal.

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Engagement rings have been used since the middle of the 20th century; though the official beginning goes back to the end of 15th century. Maximilian I, the Roman Emperor was the 1st to give a diamond engagement ring to Mary Burgundy.

A diamond engagement ring has become very much the norm nowadays. An engagement ring usually has a center diamond, these are called solitaire rings (one center stone). This diamond can be also accompanied by side stones and some small diamonds, depending on the budget and taste. A very popular three-stone diamond ring can also serve as an engagement ring, this ring usually represents the couple's past, present and future.

For many years, white diamonds have been used for diamond engagement rings, however, there is a modern market trend to use chocolate diamonds for a modern engagement rings.

While some couples still go for the classical engagement ring with solitaire diamond there is a new quickly developing trend to use fashionable diamond rings as an engagement rings. A combination of white diamonds and fancy color diamonds opens a lot of unlimited perspectives for creativity.

Custom made jewelry is becoming extremely popular as each individual can participate in creating their own design. A custom made diamond ring will bring with it a thrill and a wonderful feeling of uniqueness.

Choose your favorite fancy colored diamonds from our diamond stock and our jewelry designer will be happy to assist you to create your own custom-design.

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