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The main activity of the company is cutting and polishing of the Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds; however, cognizant of the fact that there is an ongoing market developing for jewelry with natural fancy color diamonds, Seren Diamond has developed a new niche - designing jewellery - as a natural continuation of the company's activities.

Take a look at our diamond jewelry which we update regularly withnew designs!

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 For custom-made design jewelry, please contact marina@serendiamonds.com

Jewelry Designs & Limited Edition Collections

Inspired by his love for natural fancy colors, Oren Seren started designing jewelry set with his favorite natural fancy color diamonds. Most of the jewelry is set with natural fancy coloured diamonds; but at times, white is introduced as another color.

The first collection was presented at the Hong Kong September Fair in 2006.

Currently, a limited edition jewelry collection is under development where every design is unique determined by the wonderful colors and shapes of the diamonds.

The collection will include bridal jewelry and three-stone rings and designs that fit in nicely with the concept of "Journey" Diamond  Jewelry – one of the main DTC initiatives that has been launched in the recent years.

The choice of the center stone usually determines the design of the setting with rings.

Diamond rings, engagement rings, bracelets, and necklaces are set in a number of styles - depending on the color and shape of the stones.

Natural Fancy Colors

Those of us at Seren Diamond believe that a fancy color diamond is a reflection of a woman's nature (including her moods) one that reveals and touches her innermost feelings.

Designing Layouts & Jewelry

Because natural fancy colour diamonds are perfect for consumers who are looking for something different and extra special - something very different from what they had experienced before, we provide a consistent service to our clients all over the world (Far East, Hong Kong, Europe and USA) at all levels starting from providing size and color assortments both in layouts and in larger certified (GIA-Gemological Institute of America, HRD, EGL) stones up to finished jewelry.

We also encourage our customers to discuss their own preferences and ideas for the jewelry designs. Once a center stone is chosen for color and shape, a variety of options can be considered as to personalize the designs.

This personalized design process is extremely popular with three-stone and right hand rings.

  • Fancy Yellow (Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Vivid Yellow)
  • Fancy Brown (Fancy Light Brown, Fancy Light Yellowish Brown, Fancy Yellowish Brown, Fancy Dark Orangy Brown, Champagne, Fancy Reddish Brown)
  • Fancy Pink (Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Purple Pink, Fancy Light Purple Pink, Fancy Pinkish Purple, Fancy Pink Purple)
  • Fancy Orange (Fancy Pink Orange, Fancy Pinkish Orange, Fancy Orangy Pink, Fancy Intense Orangy Pink, Fancy Vivid Orangy Pink)
  • Fancy Blue (Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Grayish Blue, Fancy Deep Blue, Fancy Dark Blue, Fancy Vivid Blue)
  • Fancy Green (Fancy Light Green, Fancy Yellowish Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Intense Green, Fancy Vivid Green)
  • Fancy Red (Fancy Purplish Red)