Diamond Engagement Rings

The custom of giving a diamond engagement ring has been around for centuries, and most women will dream of the day their loved one will present them with the diamond ring. It is therefore essential that this ring is totally suited to the lady.

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yellow diamond engagement ring

Center stone Radiant 3.02 ct. Fancy Intense Yellow, GIA

A large diamond might look very heavy on a lady with thin slender fingers, and a small diamond in a dainty setting might look a little out-of-place on a lady with larger hands and fingers. Obviously it is not just the diamond that is important but the setting too.

If you are searching for an engagement ring to present to your loved one, make sure you know her taste in jewelry.

Over the last few years fancy color diamond engagement rings have become very popular. It is now possible to find every different color stone being used for this purpose. So all that is left is to decide on the color of diamond your bride-to-be would prefer and let us help you design a custom-made diamond engagement ring.

Choose your favorite fancy colored diamonds from our diamond stock and our jewelry designer will be happy to assist you to create your own custom-design.

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