Purple Diamonds

Straight natural purple diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. The color is so rare that most jewelers have never really experienced the joy of seeing a pure purple diamond.

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This is truly an exotic color for fancy color diamonds.

Even when the purple is tinged with other fancy colors like fancy pink or in combination with other fancy colors like pink and violet the diamond is still wonderfully beautiful.
Most purple diamonds come from rough diamond mines in Brazil and Argyle in Australia.

Common color variations:

Light Purple, Fancy Purple, Fancy Light Purple, Fancy Pink Purple, Fancy Pinkish Purple, Fancy Deep Purple, Fancy Dark Purple, Fancy Deep Pink Purple, Fancy Deep Pinkish Purple, Fancy Brownish Purple, Fancy Brown Purple, Fancy Deep Brownish Purple, Fancy Deep Brown Purple, Fancy Dark Brown Purple, Fancy Dark Brownish Purple, Fancy Intense Purple, Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple, Fancy Intense Pink Purple, Fancy Vivid Purple, Fancy Vivid Pink Purple, Fancy Vivid Pinkish Purple.

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When you are looking for a Natural Color Diamonds it is important that the word “NATURAL” appears on the diamond grading report. Learn why 'Natural' is the most important word on the grading report


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