The Modern Day Truth About Romantic Relationships

Romantic Relationships

Modern Day Romantic Relationships

It has been said that change is the only constant in life and nothing remains the same forever! This is true to some extent for romantic relationships as well. Romantic relationships between men and women have witnessed momentous transition in recent times. Traditional values that revolved around relationships are passé. A new generation brings in its own set of rules, making the change inevitable. Despite this there are some old ways of life that haven’t changed. Marriage still holds it sanctity and a majority of men say they will marry because of love rather than for social pressure, sex, family and health.

A recent survey revealed some startling facts. Gender bias no longer exists when it comes to making a relationship formal. This may have something to do with women’s emancipation, but it is no longer taboo for women to propose marriage to their beaus. 30% of women felt they should be able to propose if they want to. What is remarkable is that over 40% men see nothing wrong in women doing so. What is equally significant is that men no longer shy away from showing off their engagement ring; well the majority of men don’t! As a matter of fact men’s engagement rings are now a fad. Men today feel it is fine to flaunt an engagement ring when they are affianced, as it makes the relationship official and is a symbol of their status.

A side of men which is rarely displayed came to light with this survey. Quite surprisingly over 60% of men owned up that they needed to be told and shown they were loved every day.

How we view things connected with relationships is more due to the lifestyle changes that surround us. Our lives are encircled by technology much more than any of the generations before us. Technology has changed courtship norms too. What was unacceptable in the past is acceptable today. As mentioned earlier technology rules people’s lives and it even plays a vital role in how they handle their relationship. Consider this, a few years ago men proposed to their lady love in person, in romantic settings. This seems to have changed as electronic proposals have come to be accepted. The survey shows a small percentage of people think it a good idea to propose on YouTube. The majority though finds romance to be missing in such proposals. They would rather the question be popped over a romantic candle light dinner. It is a big moment in one’s life and it is only fair that the occasion be given the importance it deserves and made memorable. More men than women thought the proposal should be special.

Social networking sites play a vital part in announcing relationship statuses to family and friends. Some fascinating data emerged due to the survey that questioned both men and women on their relationship status. A whopping 50% of participants said they would right away change their relationship status on social media sites such as Facebook and a large number said they would update their relationship status within the week. The persuasive effect of the electronic media is such that more than 50% of respondents in the survey said they would let their proposal be filmed and put up on YouTube for public viewing. However, only a small percentage of people thought it a good idea to propose using YouTube.

The survey made one thing blatantly obvious; though changes are creeping in they have not wiped out traditions completely. Technology can take over how we live our personal lives only if we allow it to.

Tell us what you think about modern day romantic relationships.

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