The Diamond: The Healing Stone

Diamonds: The Healing Stone

Diamonds: The Healing Stone

Aside from its beauty and sparkle, the diamond has other not so well know characteristics, one being that it is a healing stone. Yes, this precious hard stone has in fact been known in history to have healing properties, and even now is being used as an important element in the medical world’s search for the cure of cancer.

The History of Diamond’s Healing Properties

Named by the Greeks as “adamas” which means indestructible and invincible, the diamond was used in European medicine as early as the year 1000. There is a certain energy and vibration that exists in diamonds that can bring out positivity and good well-being. The Ancient Hindus, for example, believe that the vibrations in a diamond can bring positive effect to certain organs in the body, especially the brain and the heart. In particular, it was supposed to aid a person’s clear thinking and make the person more focused, braver and stronger. This is why great leaders in history like Napoleon, Louis IV and Julius Caesar used this as their talisman.

The Diamond and the 7th Chakra

Chakras are our energy centers, which run from the base of our spine to our head. Our 7th chakra, which is also known as the crown chakra is a representation of our expanded consciousness and intelligence. Wearing a diamond is known to activate our 7th chakra and can aid prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is also known to help in connecting the mind with our body. It may even be able to help people who have health issues like skeletal problems, leukemia, and capillary bleeding. It is also known to strengthen the metabolism and helps in the stimulation of the glands of the endocrine system.

Diamonds: Amplifiers of Energy

In the context of the diamond’s effect on a person’s spiritual energy and mental attitude, the stone’s metaphysical properties and its clarity contribute to amplifying whatever energies are present in the person wearing it. It somehow has the placebo effect, wherein if the person believes that he or she can heal, can be better, can be positive and can be successful, then the diamond can aid in highlighting those energies.

Diamonds: Possible Treatment for Cancer

Recently, new research shows that diamonds can aid in a more targeted treatment for certain kinds of cancer. This new drug is in the form of a patch which has tiny specks of diamonds on it. It can be used to treat a localized region of the body and through this the patient can get treatment exactly where it is needed thus minimizing the side effects. The studies are still undergoing, but the medical world is hopeful the diamond, in this case will not only be a girl’s best friend, but also a gift to mankind as a treatment for cancer.

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