The Purple Diamond – The Stone of Love and Romance

Natural colored diamonds are always considered an interesting subject for both researchers and miners. It is said that only 1 carat out of 10,000 carats of colored diamonds are natural and the remainder are colored artificially.

There are many colors in which diamonds exist naturally. A few examples of these colors are brown, pink, yellow, blue, green and purple diamonds, however, there are only very few colors that are considered rare, and purple happens to be one of them. Purple diamonds are fairly expensive; nonetheless, it is possible to find these stones in high class diamond companies and jewelers.

Some researchers say that this stone has a dual affect because it is prepared from two colors being red and blue.

Purple diamonds

The magnificent purple diamond

Straight purple diamonds are extremely rare, almost as rare as red diamonds and they are also extremely expensive. However, they often are found as a secondary color such as purplish pink and purplish red. Generally a secondary color reduces the price of a diamond, however, if purplish is the secondary color the diamond will cost the same as the straight color, and it will make the stone much more beautiful.

It has been found that when plastic deformation of a rough naturally occurring diamond occurs, the diamond transforms into a purple diamond. Thus it takes graphite millions of year to get converted into a diamond and further millions of years to become a purple diamond. This precious diamond is mostly used in rings. Very often purple diamonds have been used for royal wedding rings. Purple diamonds are considered the stone of love and romance.

A fancy intense purple pink diamond

A fancy intense purple pink diamond

The intensity of the purple color varies in purple diamonds. Diamonds having a vivid purple color are the most costly and are the rarest to find. A dark purple diamond is absolutely spectacular as it has a deep lust that reflects the light at various angles and produces the most wonderful effect.

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond and the Supreme Purple Diamond Heart are the two most famous purple diamonds. The former one is known for the highest intensity of purple color that exists naturally in a diamond, while the second one is famous for the perfect design but ambiguous nature and properties.

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond weighs 7.34 carats and thus is considered one of the large sized purple diamonds that is known to exist. It is believed that this diamond was discovered in Russia but it has never been confirmed by any reliable source.

The Supreme Purple Diamond Heart is a perfectly round shaped purple diamond. The weight of the Supreme Purple Diamond Heart is said to be between 2 – 5 carats. The clarity of the diamond is not certain and can vary. The amazing thing about this diamond is that it differs in color when you see it from different angles. It appears deep red when observed from the left side and deep purple when observed from the extreme right. This variation in the color is a unique property which makes the purple diamond an amazing and interesting subject for both the miners and the jewelry dealers.

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2 Responses to The Purple Diamond – The Stone of Love and Romance

  1. Vicki Vogt says:

    Hi, I purchased a very small (.05) purple diamond ring. The color was so vivid and purple that I was certain it was synthetic. I’ve never seen such a vivid, pretty purple stone, ever. It has the characteristics of the “Purple Star Diamond”, with flashes of deep red at certain angles. After having it checked by a certified jeweler, I’ve found that it’s a genuine stone, with VVS2 clarity. Since I have no stones to compare this to, how can I tell how valuable it is?

  2. Seren Diamond says:

    Hi Vicki, Sorry it took so long to reply.

    It’s valuable if it’s a natural pink diamond, in order to check this you have to submit the stone to the GIA laboratory and they will check the color origin (read more about color origin at: , paragraph 2). And if they say its natural Fancy Vivid Pink then it can cost between US$ 30,000 to US$ 50,000 per carat. But if it’s treated or synthetic then it would be very cheap. Hope this will help, you can contact me for more assistance at

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