How to Choose Your Diamond According to Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but like choosing friends, you must choose your diamonds wisely. There are so many shapes and colors that it can be hard to decide what to buy. And while diamonds are usually universally flattering, there are some colors that are not for you. These can make you look washed out and enhance the facial features you want to downplay. On the other hand, there are some that can brighten up your face and complement it like they should. So how do you match diamonds to your skin tone and facial shape?

First, identify your skin tone

Start with a color palette analysis. Find out if you are a cool skin tone or a warm tone. A simple rule is to check whether you have bluish colored veins, which will make you a cool skin tone, or greenish colored veins, which will make you a warm tone. In general, cool skin tones are accompanied by naturally blonde, black or brown hair, grey, blue and green eyes and a ruddy or pink complexion. Women with warm skin tones are usually strawberry blondes or have orange or rust hair. They usually have a fairer complexion with black, brown or hazel eyes.

Choosing diamonds to match cool skin tones

When you’ve found out your skin tone, you can go ahead and choose diamonds to match. In general, white gold, palladium and platinum accented diamonds, all of which have silver finishes, are ideal for cool skin tones. The best colors for cool tones are pink, purple, blue, red, violet or other combinations of these colors. Gray, black and clear white diamonds also complement cool skin tones.

Choosing diamonds for warm skin tones

Warm skin tones look good in gold, copper, brass and pewter metals. So choose diamonds set in yellow gold. Ideal colors for warm skin tones include green, yellow, chameleon, orange and champagne.

Diamonds to suit your face shape

When you’ve chosen colors, it’s time to choose shapes. Diamonds may be set in hoops, drops, studs, long danglers, heart shapes, squares, tapers, etc. How do you choose? Let the shape of your face decide for you. Some shapes will flatter your face while others won’t. It depends on your face shape. So first of all, determine your face shape. Then pick diamonds that match.

Round faces look best in angular, straight and long earrings and drops that counter the roundness. Slight curves can also work to break up the roundness with variety. Stay away from round and chunky diamonds or studs. Heart shaped faces look best in teardrops and triangles. Square faces need added curves, so go for round earrings and long danglers and hoops that add length. Studs and chandeliers suit faces that are long. Triangle faces are balanced by small oval or round jewelry. Diamond shaped faces are best suited by studs, drops and any short and wide pieces. Finally, if you have an oval face, you will look great in just about anything!

There are diamonds to suit every shape and color of face, which is what, makes them so special. Armed with the knowledge of what suits you and what doesn’t, you can find the one that adds style, class and elegance to your outfit, no matter what the occasion.

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