Green Diamonds – So Elegant However So Rare

Everybody knows that diamonds are loved and green diamonds are loved even more. To those who are not aware of diamond culture, green diamonds are one of the rarest fancy gems available in the world. There are plenty of diamonds in the market which offer a gem with a green hue but a purely green diamond is not so easy to find.

The Dresden Green is the largest diamond ever found in the natural color which has often been described as apple green. It is about 40 carats and has been proven to be rare as well as extraordinary unique. Read more about famous green diamonds.

How Does a Diamond Turn Green?

What turns a diamond green is atomic radiation. When a clear colored diamond comes into contact with radiation, it develops the green color. This is not an automatic reaction, it takes millions of years for a diamond to turn into the color green and because of this, pure green diamonds are extremely rare.

There are, however, other types of irradiation which causes the gem to turn green. Sometimes exposure to other minerals such as uranium and other particles will cause the diamond to develop a thin green hue on the outside skin. Other ways of turning a diamond green is to bombard it with beta and gamma rays, this procedure can change the diamond’s color and can even make the entire cut green. However, this is not a natural method. Heating a diamond can also cause discoloration; however, this too, will mean the diamond color is not natural.

It is extremely difficult for a diamond to turn green naturally and this is the reason why the amount of green diamonds in the market becomes significantly lower each year.

Kinds of Green Diamonds

Since a pure natural green diamond is extremely rare, the industry is littered with diamonds which are not purely green but only tinged with green.

If you want to choose a diamond that is unusual then these green diamonds could be a good selection to choose from.

  • Fancy Light Greenish Yellow: As the name implies, most gems of this color are tinged with a light green color, the dominant color is yellow but with a light green hue.
  • Fancy Intense Green: Diamonds of this color are green diamonds which most buyers prefer because of its elegant structure and make.
  • Fancy Light Blue Green: The dominant color is light blue but like the others, it has a tinge of green. Sometimes this color is called aquamarine which is Fancy Blue or Bluish Green which is extremely rare, expensive and a beautiful color even though it’s not a starlight green color.
  • Fancy Gray Greenish Yellow: This has a lighter color applicable for people with darker skin, it is often gray and the green and yellow gives it a softer, more elegant look.
  • Fancy Intense Yellowish Green: Green is the dominant color with a yellow tinge perfect for cocktails and formal dinners.

Whichever green diamond you intend to buy, it should be noted that green colored diamonds exudes an elegance and style which does not exist with any other diamond color.

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