Do you Fancy a Natural Fancy Colored Diamond?

The different hues and tones that are present in natural fancy colored diamonds are attributed to chemical imperfections or structural defects. Despite this, a diamond that is beautifully colored is dramatically more valuable and rare.

Diamonds occur in a whole spectrum of colors and tones. The specific color in a diamond is due to its main impurity. Impurity-free white diamonds are the most common and are widely used as the centerpiece in wedding and engagement rings.

Diamonds that have a certain concentration of nitrogen, such as the ones mined from diamond-rich regions in South Africa, typically come in an intense shade of yellow or a slight brown hue. The ultra rare canary yellow diamond, seen on the fingers of celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Heidi Klum, is mined from this area and can cost triple the price of white diamonds of the same size and carat.

Natural red diamonds

Natural red diamonds

Diamonds that have no nitrogen impurities but have structural anomalies, such as the ones mined in Australia, can be colored pink, blue or red. These diamonds are valued for their bold color and have been replacing traditional white and transparent diamonds as celebrity favorites. These fancy colored diamonds are steadily growing in popularity. Pink diamonds have been seen gracing the hands of Jennifer Lopez and tennis superstar Mariah Carey. Another example is the deep blue Hope Diamond. Housed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C., the Hope Diamond’s brilliant color and shape make it virtually priceless.

Rind with Fancy Intense Pink Diamond in the center

Rind with Fancy Intense Pink Diamond in the center

Choosing Your Diamond

The cardinal rule when choosing the perfect diamond for your beloved is her personality. Is she cheerful and bubbly? Perhaps a yellow diamond is best suited for her. A beautiful pink gives off an air of romance and love, while a deep blue diamond shows off a sense of sophistication. The very rare red diamond is sultry and seductive. Green diamonds are bold and funky. Fancy colored diamonds are unique, no matter the color. Modern men and women recognize that what they wear reflects who they are. Flaunting a unique diamond can help make a strong statement about your own unique personality.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. What is her favorite color? What image does she want to project to the world? If your diamond is meant to be a surprise, perhaps it would help to ask her family and friends what they feel would be the most suitable color.

Where Do I Start Looking?

Going to a seller with a good reputation is the first step in choosing fancy colored diamonds. A good seller will be able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity.

Fancy colored diamonds are a wonderful way to show your beloved just how much she means to you. Making the effort to choose one that is perfectly matched to her personality makes the gift even more valuable and meaningful.

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