Cognac Diamonds, Champagne Diamonds or Brown Diamonds

Cognac Diamond - Fancy Deep Yellowish Orangy Brown

Cognac Diamond - Fancy Deep Yellowish Orangy Brown

Well in fact all of the above are exactly the same! Cognac and Champaign just sounds so much more elegant, appealing and delectable. In the 1980s the Argyle mine in Australia, where 50% of the world’s cognac diamonds are produced, ran a massive campaign to make these diamonds more well-known.

Once brown diamonds were considered lower grade and therefore of less value than other natural fancy color diamonds, however, these days Cognac, Chocolate and Brown diamonds are becoming very popular. Jewelry using Cognac Diamonds has become very trendy and fashionable since it was heavily promoted by famous brands. This marketing technique proves, over and over again that it is possible to break stereotypes and often the results exceed all expectations.

Some Cognac Diamonds have a touch of an orangy tinge which makes this the diamond even more exquisite and also more expensive. On rare occasions the Cognac Diamond can have a touch of reddish color and these types of Cognac diamond are also quite expensive.

How Do Cognac Diamonds Gain Their Color?

50% of the world’s cognac diamonds are produced in the Argyle Diamond Mine. The diamond color is usually the results of lattice misalignments within the crystal structure of the diamond. Sometimes defects associated with hydrogen and nitrogen can also cause the brownish tinge.

Cognac diamonds and champagne diamonds are shades of brown diamonds and are named according to a color scale. Very light brown and medium brown are named ‘Champagne’. Brown diamonds are named ‘dark champagne’ and dark brown diamonds are ‘fancy cognac’.

The Beauty of Cognac Diamonds

When used in jewelry the cognac diamond is quite magnificent especially when set in light shades of metals. Using white metal, such as white gold creates a superb contrast with the dark color diamond. A diamond ring using both cognac and white diamonds is quite stunning. Cognac diamonds in marquise or a pear shape cut help to extenuate the depth of the diamond color. Nowadays cognac diamonds are being used in dress rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and engagement and eternity rings.

Rich and Famous Wear Cognac Diamonds

Helen Mirren, the winner of the Best Actress Oscar for the best films of 2006, wore a Chopard 62-carat oval-shaped white and cognac diamond brooch on her gown.

Cameron Diaz wore a 20-carat cognac colored diamond ring at the 2004 Academy Awards.

Kathleen “Bird” York wore a pair of 20-carat hand-set natural champagne and cognac diamond earrings when she celebrated her first Oscar nomination.

Natasha Bedingfield, a British pop songbird, wore a $1 million diamond necklace studded with champagne, pink and cognac diamonds at an A-list Academy Awards party.

Important Information for Buyers of Brown, Champagne and Cognac Diamonds

It is essential to check the diamond grading certificate when purchasing any natural color diamond. The certificate must state that the diamond’s color is of “Natural” origin.

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