100ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond to Be Auctioned at Sotheby’s

Color diamond events have made big headlines this spring and Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in Geneva on May 13th promises to deliver. During all three sessions, collectors and investors can expect to be dazzled by an impressive selection of magnificent diamonds, period gems and special signed jewels from private collections. Continue reading

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Floral Diamond Rings That Feel Like Spring

Do you feel that? The extra little bounce in your step, the happy hum on your lips, the gentle breeze in your hair – all indicators that spring is finally here! It’s time to throw open your closet, dust off, air out and revamp your wardrobe for the new season.

After a brutally long and cold winter, be prepared to see spring collections that embrace the season in beautiful shades of fragrant pinks, lilac, pastel greens and ocean blues. Of course, no spring wardrobe is complete without floral prints that can range from bold to flirty to romantic designs.

Accessories that reflect the beauty of nature are another stylish trend to include in your must-have items. Fun, flower-inspired jewelry, light and airy silk scarves, and delightful floral print handbags are an essential part of your fashion wardrobe this spring.

We imagine these floral diamond rings from Seren Diamonds must feel like spring right on your fingers:

Make a big statement with this gorgeous diamond flower ring paired with jeans and a simple T-shirt. Continue reading

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$55M Fancy Color Diamond Watch Steals the Show at Baselworld 2014

courtesy of Baselworld

Opening day at Baselworld 2014 did not disappoint. Each spring, the prestigious watch and jewellery show attracts over 90,000 visitors and journalists from around the world that come to the city of Basel, Switzerland prepared to be wowed by top luxury brands. A leading event in the industry, it comprises of about 2,100 exhibitors from over 45 countries, with more than 1400 watch and jewelry brands, as well as companies specializing in precious gems.

On the first day of Baselworld 2014, Graff Diamonds debuted what is being now being called “The most valuable watch ever created.” At $55 million dollars, the Hallicination watch features a candy-colored kaleidoscope of over 110 carats of rare fancy color diamonds. Like all works of art, this masterpiece is a celebration of pink diamonds, blue diamonds; green, orange, and yellow diamonds that will make your eyes dance and your heart soar. Continue reading

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Color Diamond Investments – The Best Investment You Can Wear

There are many wise and sound reasons to invest in color diamonds and we have written them all down here, here, and here. The main advantages of color diamond investments are their increasing value and asset appreciation, high demand vs. dwindling supply, durable and easy to transport, and universally recognized.

These are all good reasons to invest in colored diamonds, but what is our favorite reason? Fancy color diamonds are FABULOUS! You can purchase a stunning 5 carat fancy color diamond, set it in a ring, and present it to your wife. Her reaction will probably be a bit different than if you hand her a stack of your stock portfolio, as impressive as it may be. Especially if you tell her that you chose the color of the stone to match her beautiful eyes! Continue reading

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Heigh-Ho It’s Off to Crater of Diamonds State Park We Go

Brandon Kalenda poses with his 2.89 carat diamond

Everyone is familiar with the “Heigh-Ho” song from Walt Disney’s animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but did you know that the seven dwarfs sang the song on their way work in a diamond mine?

Well now is a good time to Heigh-ho over to another diamond mine located in Arkansas. The Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only diamond mine in the United States that is open to the public and offers hundreds of thousands of visitors annually the chance to search for diamonds that are located under the surface. The best part? The park’s policy is “Finders keepers.” Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who is the Rarest Colored Diamond of Them All?

Set of fancy color diamonds, GIAWhat makes a colored diamond rare?

Natural color diamonds are extremely rare and represent approximately 0.1% of all colorless diamonds mined each year. Out of the roughly 110 million carats of diamonds mined yearly less than a quarter of them will be cut and polished colored diamonds. Out of that amount only one in a few hundreds of thousands will have enough color to be classified as fancy color diamonds.

What color diamonds are considered the rarest?

The rarest and most valuable colored diamonds, know as fancy color diamonds or Fancies, are bright colors such as red, blue, green and pink. Continue reading

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Diamonds Make a Big Fashion Statement at the 2014 Oscars

Diamonds are always a favorite on the red carpet and last Sunday was no exception as celebrities glittered and sparkled their way to the Oscars. This year we saw that the diamond trend has moved to wearing grand statement pieces with unique designs.

Here are some of our favorite eye-catching, jaw-dropping diamonds that stole the show:


•Charlize Theron: Her all black Christian Dior gown was the perfect canvas for the extraordinary $15 million Harry Winston Cluster Pendant that she wore, featuring a 31-carat square-emerald-cut flawless diamond set in a cluster of diamonds.

•Jennifer Lawrence: The lovable actress wore a stunning $2 million crystal Neil Lane necklace that draped down her back and glittered with 100 carats of diamonds! She matched it with 10-carat diamond stud earrings and a $1 million platinum and diamond ring set with 3 fancy colored diamonds also by Neil Lane. Continue reading

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Pop Culture Inspired Engagement Rings That Are Out of This World

Getting ready to embark on the ultimate epic adventure? Does your girlfriend or boyfriend love all things Sci-Fi, Super Heroes or video games? Then we would like you to meet three untraditional jewelers whose geeky engagement rings are the perfect way to win over his/her heart.

Set Phasers to Stunning
If Captain Kirk and Princess Leia were getting married we are almost sure that they would have Pittsburgh-based jewelry designer Paul Michael Bierker of Paul Michael Design design their engagement rings. His unique and popular creations are inspired by “Star Trek,”" Star Wars,” and “Wonder Woman” among others. Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Buy a Fancy Color Diamond

Here are 5 brilliant reasons to buy a fancy color diamond:

1. They look A-MAZING!
It’s simple. Fancy color diamonds are mesmerizing. White diamonds are classic, but fancy color diamonds are intense, exotic, unique and stunning. Fancy color diamonds are found in twelve different colors, with over ninety hues and nine intensity levels. With 234 color combinations to choose from, there is one to match every person’s style, personality and taste. So if you are looking to buy a unique and breathtaking diamond it is definitely worthwhile to consider a colored diamond. Continue reading

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Colored Diamonds: Making a Special Valentine’s Day Memory

Let’s face it. While most of us would agree that everyday can (should) be a day to declare our love that is just not the case. Our daily routine of juggling work, kids, household chores, the gym, and so on, does not leave much time for romance. And time is not the only culprit; stress and exhaustion also play a major role. At the end of the day, with the best of intentions, romance is the last thing on our mind.

Enter Valentine’s Day. Sometimes scoffed at as just another “Hallmark Holiday,” but if we look closely there are a couple of good lessons to be learned by this commercialized day of love.

The first lesson is to just stop and smell the roses. This is even more applicable if your loved one sends your flowers for Valentine’s Day, but metaphorically speaking, here is a day that says “Stop whatever you are doing! Spend some quality time with your loved one.” Continue reading

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